Shubham Jain

Hi! I'm Shubham.

I'm a Computer Science undergraduate, studying in the UK.

I enjoy working with JavaScript & web-apps, and creating mobile applications.

I'm also interested in Electronics and like to experiment with boards like the Raspberry Pi.

See below for some of my work!

My Work & Projects

Game Night Group Video Call (May 2020 — present)

  • iOS - Flutter
  • Android - Flutter
  • Dart
  • Node.JS

I developed and published Game Night Group Video Call for iOS and Android using Flutter.

Game Night lets you play classic games like Charades and Most Likely To with your loved ones through a video call.

It is available for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

FullMarx (April 2017 — present)

  • iOS - Swift
  • Android - Kotlin
  • Firebase Cloud Functions - Node.JS

I developed and published this native mobile application for iOS, and later Android, whilst I was at school.

FullMarx allows GCSE and A Level students to scan barcodes on the front of past AQA exam papers to automatically find their mark schemes to self-mark, to aid in their revision.

It is currently under maintenance and will be available back on the Play Store and App Store soon!

QuickJots (September 2019 — present)

  • Open Source
  • Web-app
  • JavaScript

QuickJots is a web-app that lets you jot down and auto-save any quick notes for yourself whilst you're on your computer or phone.

It features both Markdown and plain-text editors, offline support, a dark mode and is completely open source on GitHub.

The site is available at

There is also a Product Hunt listing for QuickJots.

Stack Exchange Post Watcher (March 2019 — present)

  • Open Source
  • Browser Extension
  • WebExtensions API - JavaScript

A browser extension created with the WebExtensions API, developed to add a feature allowing users to 'watch' questions and answers to keep track of any changes to posts on the Stack Exchange network of sites.

This is available on the Chrome Web Store and Firefox Add-ons. The source code is available on GitHub.

Note: this project has no official relation with Stack Exchange or Stack Overflow.

Stack Overflow Extras (February 2016 — present)

  • Open Source
  • Userscript - JavaScript

SOX is a userscript which adds over 70 (and counting!) features to the Stack Exchange network of sites, ranging from design tweaks to larger power-user features.

Many of the features implemented are from feature-requests put forward by the community but have not yet been natively implemented.

I am the core maintainer and co-creator of SOX, which stemmed from my original Stack Overflow Optional Features userscript. SOX is available for installation via GitHub.

Note: this project has no official relation with Stack Exchange or Stack Overflow.

Get in touch

If you want to say hi, or chat to me about a potential freelance project, please get in touch with me via Twitter, email, or LinkedIn.

If you enjoy using any projects I've made or contribute to, please consider sharing it with others, donating, or sponsoring me to help me keep maintaining them and developing new things!